Specialized Resume Templates — Your Cut-throat Advantages

Professional resume templates supply you with the competitive advantage in the current challenging job market. Today’s economic conditions are proving to be overwhelming for employers and job seekers alike as unemployment hovers around 9%.

Employers receive an overwhelming reaction to open job announcements and job seekers are competing against hundreds, even thousands of applicants. But make without doubt about this – companies are still hiring! Jobs can be found, but you’ve got to be seen. Let me rephrase that, your resume must be viewed!

Realistically, it’s impossible for employers to read every resume submitted. The average employer spends approximately 20 seconds scanning each resume. In some instances they could spend around 30 seconds, but rarely anything more than that¬†LinkedIn Profile Makeover. This is exactly why it’s important to provide the information in your resume in a definite, concise, easy-to-read format! A professional resume template is simply the tool you need showing potential employers your qualifications.

Professional resume templates are preformatted documents (typically created using Microsoft Word) that have predefined settings like: margins, headings, fonts, styling, etc., that may give your resume an expert appearance. Basically, it gives you an easy, fill-in-the-blanks form in order to jump start your resume writing process. Utilizing a resume template you’ll find that there’s lots of “white space”, helping to make reading your resume much easier. Also, one of many predefined formatting settings is for bullet statements, that assist break up paragraphs into eye-catching, easy to read statements.

Templates have received some bad coverage by some experts, but don’t believe all of the hype. Critics often complain about templates flooding the marketplace with lookalike resumes. They state, “You need to have an original resume layout, something fresh that helps you stand out.”

But, in the current job market upheaval, who’s going to truly have the time to consider how creative your resume is? Employers need to know if you’re qualified for the work! You could have the best looking resume and still not be qualified. What matters is the content of one’s resume! Are you qualified and is it obvious that whenever scanning your resume?

Why fool around with trying to have a unique looking resume when what really counts is the content? Save your self hours of frustration and jump directly into writing your resume with one of the many professional resume templates you can find online.

Perform a simple search on Google for “professional resume templates” and you’re sure to discover a design to fit your needs. You may also visit Microsoft’s website and do a research where you’ll find more resume template designs to choose from. Take advantage of every resume writing tool open to you.

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